12 Mar

KnowledgeTree DMS

Version 3 of KTDMS really proves how far open source software has come in recent years. Quality wise, it is not in the same league as SugarCRM or even Joomla, but in it’s defense, it does’nt have a huge community behind it…yet. This version brings powerful workflow management, precise permissions by document/folder for roles, groups, and users. It also tries to provide support for organizational units which can have their own unit administrators. Despite all these features, this is not for the faint of heart as documentation is scarse and you are on your own to come up with a deployment plan that fits your own company. If you already have a system in place and you want to migrate to a platform you can customize, then this is for you; otherwise, spend the money and buy a NexPrize or Documentum DMS.

09 Mar

Nokia 770 vs UMPC

Well, I’ve had a couple of weeks to play with my N770 and here is why I think Nokia is going to nail UMPCs to the wall:

  • Form factor: Bigger is NOT better when you have to lug it around! 1.7 pounds!! If i need a bag then i might as well carry a nice compaq presario with me. You know, the pretty skinny grey ones selling for 600 bucks…The Nokia on the other hand is barely noticeable in my inside vest pocket! Weight and size are perfect!
  • Ease of use: I have to admit, XP has it’s usefullness when treated to a mouse and a nice keyboard. Mobile OS, it is not! The challenge here is that mobile applications have to be built for mobile use. I mean, sure, MS Streets is nifty, but it is no tomtom! Let’s face it, the screen is way too cluttered for a driver who can barely look at it while driving!
  • Price: 500 to 1000 dollars…or 369 dollars…well…

I must admit that I haven’t found a device this usefull in years. Beyond gadget mania, my N770 let’s me be truly connected. I even wrote this post on it and it was a breeze, not just something to do while on the… never mind!