19 Jul

Sony Ericsson W600i

It’s been a while since my last post. I have been busy with projects at work and had little time to play unfortunately. I did however buy a Sony ericsson W600i. I only had it working for 2 days though, as it was pretty much a brick the morning of day 3. It wouldn’t charge or even so much as light up. Needless to say, I RMA’d it right away.

In my short 2 day experience with this phone, I really loved it! Despite this obvious problem, it had excellent reception, and voice quality was great both on speakerphone and headset. It also does a good job at serving music despite its limited 256MB of space. My favorite features are elsewhere: Class 10 EDGE with fast Java. Programs such as Google Maps Mobile and Mobile GMaps looked and performed wonderfully on this little beast along with 3D Java games and other excellent utilities. Internet access through bluetooth was also a breaze and worked at a “blazing” 128kbps in most signal conditions here in the bay area.

Sony Ericsson W600iAs you can see I was pretty impressed with this phone. Unfortunately, what good is a cool phone if it won’t turn on? I am guessing the one I got was a just dud and Sony Ericsson will step up to the plate and deliver me a working long lasting unit. Stay tuned…Sony Ericsson W600i

Sony Ericsson W600i

28 Jun

Samsung T509

Samsung T509In my quest for a cheap bluetooth capable class 10 EDGE Phone, I tried T-Mobile’s version of the Samsung SGH-T509 (T509 for short). It is slim, has a good UI and works as advertised. But the geek in me wanted more; like running Google Maps Mobile on it since it is Java capable. Small little problem with that. You see, T-Mobile wants you to buy their games and theirs alone. So they had Samsung rig the firmware to only allow signed midlets to access the network!! There is a deal breaker for me. Unlocking the phone let’s you use other networks but does not remove the T-Mobile customizations to the firmware. In other words, their version of this phone gets the thumbs down from this geek. Phone went back to TMO and I am back on my quest 🙂

09 Mar

Nokia 770 vs UMPC

Well, I’ve had a couple of weeks to play with my N770 and here is why I think Nokia is going to nail UMPCs to the wall:

  • Form factor: Bigger is NOT better when you have to lug it around! 1.7 pounds!! If i need a bag then i might as well carry a nice compaq presario with me. You know, the pretty skinny grey ones selling for 600 bucks…The Nokia on the other hand is barely noticeable in my inside vest pocket! Weight and size are perfect!
  • Ease of use: I have to admit, XP has it’s usefullness when treated to a mouse and a nice keyboard. Mobile OS, it is not! The challenge here is that mobile applications have to be built for mobile use. I mean, sure, MS Streets is nifty, but it is no tomtom! Let’s face it, the screen is way too cluttered for a driver who can barely look at it while driving!
  • Price: 500 to 1000 dollars…or 369 dollars…well…

I must admit that I haven’t found a device this usefull in years. Beyond gadget mania, my N770 let’s me be truly connected. I even wrote this post on it and it was a breeze, not just something to do while on the… never mind!

15 Feb

Nokia 770

Great new tablet from Nokia running on a 250 Mhz ARM CPU and a Nokia Debian based Linux distribution called Nokia Tablet OS 2005 (version 2006 coming out soon). This thing would be no nicer than say a Zaurus in terms of hardware specs if it wasn’t for the builtin 802.11g WiFi and the GORGEOUS 800×480 touchscreen! Battery life is said to be a little over 3 hours with the WiFi on, and 7 days on standby.