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Fluendo Eliza Media Center app

The Linux operating system is gradually catching on to the usability and design trend we see everywhere else these days. Today it comes in the form of a rehaul of Elisa’s user interface. Elisa is a media center type application for Linux that lets people use a Linux box as a media center appliance. Here is a quick YouTube video showing the new interface:

Best GIMP brushes: 35 brush sets(1400 brushes)

From Digg again:

“A large list of GIMP brushes, with screenshots and links to each brush download.”

This is a list of beautiful brushes for GIMP, a Photoshop like program (now supported on Linux, Mac and Windows). This site also has a link to the Top 40 GIMP plugins. Good stuff!!

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Apple 1Q 2008 Results: Record $1.58 Billion Profit

1-22-08-apple-logo.jpgHere are my “prophecies” as to Apple’s future. Macbook Air sales are going to disappoint. Apple TV2 sales will soar initially boosting iTunes rentals for the rest of the year. iPhone sales will gradually drop in anticipation of the rumored 3G iPhone. Will my prediction come true?

Digg: “Apple posted revenue of $9.6 billion and net quarterly profit of $1.58 billion, or $1.76 per diluted share during the 1Q 2008 (ending December 29th).”

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Must have apps for Nokia 810

Ok, so you’ve just followed my advice and spent 500 bucks on a brand new Nokia 810. Here is a list of apps to get you off the desktop and out into the world.

  • Transmission bittorrent client. I don’t think this needs explaining, think Animes (or adult multimedia, whatever floats your boat) on the go!
  • FBReader book reader. Hey man! The internet is cool and all, and yes, you can watch movies to pass the time, but even I need to read a nice book once a year or so…
  • Pidgin universal IM client. All the Nokia tablets support Google chat by default. This gives you everything else.
  • UKMP media player. Be like your annoying iPhone toting, screen poking friends! This will add finger driven multimedia playback to your N810.
  • Games. Play time begins now!

Good start! Most, if not all of these apps, are posted on maemo.org and supported by great regular people like you.

Nokia 810 – Ultimate tablet?

So you’ve heard me talk of the Nokia 770 (which I own) and the Nokia 800. Nokia just started selling the Nokia 810, a sleeker more feature packed version of the 800. For starters, it sports a slide out keyboard, GPS, and is smaller than its predecessors. Wifi and bluetooth as usual and a camera. The new model sports a built-in stand. Software wise, the browser is webkit based and some improvements were made to flash performance. I hear it plays youtube and flash video just fine but I have not tried it myself. For most people interested in either an iPhone or a UMPC, I strongly recommend the N810 as a more capable alternative.

N810 GPS