24 Aug

Morocco Underground

These days, I am learning more and more about my own people. This video sums up to stuff you don’t see on TV. Nobody here is wearing white dresses or long beards, just twenty somethings having fun. Exciting stuff, including a dropped lawsuit against Hard Metal band due to intesive riotting/protests. I guess Morocco will be shedding its 3rd world label any decade now…

15 Feb

Nokia 770

Great new tablet from Nokia running on a 250 Mhz ARM CPU and a Nokia Debian based Linux distribution called Nokia Tablet OS 2005 (version 2006 coming out soon). This thing would be no nicer than say a Zaurus in terms of hardware specs if it wasn’t for the builtin 802.11g WiFi and the GORGEOUS 800×480 touchscreen! Battery life is said to be a little over 3 hours with the WiFi on, and 7 days on standby.